Credit: Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza
A Sulala team member kneels down to pour food into a plate as a cat living on the street approaches to eat.

Helping animals in Palestine.

Donors to our Emergency Grants Program are providing critical care to animals impacted by war, and providing help – and hope – to those caring for them.

Over the years, we have proudly supported animal protection efforts in the West Bank and Gaza, including the provision of two of the first-ever animal ambulances in the region, supporting local animal advocacy efforts on the ground, and funding the operations of the only registered animal welfare group in Gaza.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

A Sulala team member tends to a rescued pup with medical care.
Image credit: Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza

Supporting Gaza’s only animal welfare organisation

It takes enormous courage and selflessness to put animals first in times of conflict and war, but that’s exactly what the team at Sulala Animal Rescue are doing through their lifesaving work. 

The people and animals of Gaza sadly remain in extreme danger from relentless bombing, and the flow-on effects of a blockade that include food scarcity, lack of access to medical or veterinary care, and a lack of fuel, power, and fresh water.  

Despite several forced evacuations, tragic loss of life in their own team, and daily threats of airstrikes and ground attacks, Sulala Animal Rescue continue to respond to endless animal emergencies and provide critical care and shelter for the many animals who would otherwise have no one looking out for them.  

Our recognition of the visionary work of this organisation has led to our support as their sole ongoing funding organisation since June 2021. As the October 7 (2023) war broke out, we launched a global fundraiser for Sulala, and we continue to explore every possible avenue to help the animals of Gaza and the courageous and compassionate people who are trying to help them. 

Despite the extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances, this incredible team’s priority has always been to keep animals safe from harm and suffering, and to promote kindness and understanding for animals in the community.

Sulala has previously run regular animal welfare education programs in schools and through the broader community. They have also worked extensively with the local government on solutions to help the many animals in need.

Their vital work has changed attitudes towards animals and inspired younger generations of animal lovers — even now. During the war, children are rescuing animals and bringing them to Sulala’s founder, Saeed, so that he can do his best to help them.


Supporting animal advocacy in the West Bank

During their years as an active advocacy organisation, we supported the Palestinian Animal League (PAL) in their vision, mission, and strategy to address the root cause of issues to cultivate compassion for all beings and heal the human-animal relationship.  

With a strong focus on community engagement and empowerment, PAL worked with local people, particularly youth and children, to foster compassion for both people and animals – seeing the two as interlinked.

Help, and hope, when it’s needed most

Through the generosity of donors who fund our Emergency Grants Program, we are proud to help animals and empower those caring for them around the world.