Credit: Egypt Equine Aid
Woman kneeling with arms around baby donkey

Global grants program.

In the aftermath of disasters, in warzones, and through global pandemics, our Grants Program is fuelling some incredible projects and people helping animals.

Our work in the international animal protection field has proven time and again, that amidst even the most harrowing emergencies, there are always kindhearted people helping animals in need.

When we’ve seen stranded animals on the streets being fed and cared for during lockdowns, or rescuers searching rubble in warzones or helping animals impacted by floods and fire, our despair has quickly turned to hope.

Because these people reinforce our belief that compassion knows no borders, and there really is hope for animals everywhere.

Man feeding elephant watermelon
Credit: Wildlife SOS

Funding change-makers to shape a kinder world.

Animals International’s global grants program has been created to help create a kinder world, by funding consciousness-shifting initiatives and ‘change-makers’ who are already doing some of the most challenging, critical and inspiring work within the global animal protection movement.

Our vision for this program will be to continue to support global initiatives that showcase ‘kindness in action’ around the world, through programs that not only help animals but that ignite a belief in a higher potential for humanity.

Credit: Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Helping through global emergencies.

Our emergency grants have helped provide veterinary treatment and food for ‘working’ animals and animals used within tourism industries, whose owners couldn’t work during the COVID19 pandemic.

We have fuelled feeding programs to ensure that millions of animals living on the streets were still being fed when some of the busiest city streets became deserted throughout lockdowns. We have also funded emergency veterinary care for animals who desperately needed it.

Providing aid during war and conflict.

We have been able to offer life-saving support to many animals fleeing volatile warzones with their families, or those left stranded in the midst of conflict.

In Myanmar, political unrest and violence from the military coup devastatingly added to the existing challenges of the COVID19 pandemic. The grants helped compassionate volunteers provide veterinary care and food for animals living on the streets, and assisted with the rescue operations of two of the country’s busiest animal shelters in Yangon and Mandalay.

Our support of the dedicated team at Kabul Small Animal Rescue made the evacuation of nearly 300 animals from Afghanistan to safety in Canada possible.

On the ground at the Romania/Ukraine border, we have delivered critical supplies of food, blankets and carriers, and assisted with the logistics to enable animals to cross into bordering countries.

Rescue efforts have also involved evacuating animals from the confines of a Ukranian zoo, and organising sanctuary for the rest of their lives. Our emergency grants funded much needed food supply convoys to support animal shelters in some of the most volatile ‘red zones’ and assisted with the rescue and rehoming of stranded animals.

For as long as war continues to devastate the lives of people and animals around the globe, our work to assist those in need will also continue.

A Kangaroo with her joey who survived bushfires in Australia
Credit: Joanne McArthur

Assisting during natural disasters.

After the catastrophic ‘Black Summer’ bushfires in Australia, our grants program funded two mobile vet clinics for the incredible teams at Vets for Compassion and Southern Cross Wildlife Care.

As floods ravaged parts of Australia in early 2022, emergency grants were once again able to support Vets for Compassion as they covered hundreds of kilometers to assist animals who had survived the floods – from companion animals to farmed animals who were unable to flee the rising floodwater.

We also supported the work of local vet clinics who volunteered their services, providing free emergency care for companions and wildlife.

In times of disaster, Animals International’s grants program enables us to channel assistance to help the helpers – those who are saving lives with their skillset, commitment, and compassion for all animals in need.

Credit: TOLFA India

Our global grants program ensures animals are not forgotten in times of crisis.

We have so far channeled lifesaving support to over 28 organisations across several continents, helping animals in Lebanon, Palestine, Nepal, Uruguay, Colombia, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Tanzania, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ukraine, Mongolia, Romania, and Australia.

Supporting these organisations and the remarkable people behind them will continue to uplift and inspire this global community through their acts of courage and kindness – and most importantly, give hope when it is most needed.