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About Animals

Animals International is the global arm of Animals Australia, Australia's foremost animal advocacy organisation.

Recognised internationally for strategic public awareness campaigning, our ground-breaking investigations have spanned 16 countries — shining a spotlight on animal abuse, forcing government intervention, driving change and empowering individuals and communities to be active participants in the fight against animal cruelty.

We believe in a world where all animals are treated with compassion and respect and are free from cruelty.


Our investigations into the live animal export trade have resulted in unprecedented improvements in a number countries and driven the uptake of pre-slaughter stunning in Indonesia and Jordan. Read more »


On the back of our world-first investigations in China and Macau, exposing the shocking conditions Australian greyhounds are exported to, QANTAS announced it would no longer fly racing dogs to Asia. Read more »


Our campaign to end factory farming — the number one cause of animal cruelty in the world today — has been translated into 6 languages and inspired millions worldwide. Read more »


Our investigation revealing terrible cruelty inside Israel’s biggest slaughterhouse led to its temporary closure and cruelty charges being laid. Read more »


The live sheep and cattle trade to Egypt from Australia was banned when our investigators revealed brutal slaughter and transport practices. Read more »


Animals International has its roots in Australia, where for over 30 years, Animals Australia has grown to become the country’s foremost animal protection organisation. Through strategic investigations and campaigns, Animals Australia has raised the profile of animal protection in the minds of governments, corporations and individuals and is credited with lifting the conscience of the nation when it comes to Australia’s treatment of animals.

Our investigations have resulted in media coverage in dozens of countries including in Australia, throughout the Middle East and South East Asia, North Africa and within Europe. Our country-based investigators bring with them a wealth of cultural experience, local understanding as well as an inherent empathy for animals.

Animals International also collaborates with many other animal protection groups throughout the world, in order to provide animals with the strongest possible representation.

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