Creating a kinder world

Whatever it takes, wherever it takes us.

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All around the world – in all different ways – we are illuminating the pathway to a kinder world for all. Here are some of our major projects.

From the misery inside factory farms and research laboratories to habitat destruction, discover how your daily choices can help animals.

One of the most profound ways to help animals is to make kinder food choices.

Every plant based meal will help create a kinder, healthier and more sustainable world.

A calf looking directly into the camera curiously.

For animals

Cruel industries from factory farming to live export are underpinned by consumer demand for meat and other animal products. Every plant-based meal helps free animals from systems of suffering.

A photo taken from above showing three beautiful and colorful birds flying over tress

For our planet

Farming animals for food is the biggest driver of biodiversity loss and species extinction world-wide.

For you

Plant-based foods are not only delicious, but are packed full of vitamins and minerals that will boost your energy levels and help you feel great! A plant-rich diet is also a one-stop shop against chronic diseases.

Change begins with you

It’s never been easier—or more important—

Make the switch to veg.

Explore a new way of living and eating that’s not only kinder, but delicious!

How we illuminate the pathway to kindness—for all living beings.

Our vision is a world where kindness, compassion and respect extend to all living beings. And we understand that achieving our vision requires a transformation and elevation of human thinking.

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