Credit: Joanne McArthur

Investigating and exposing the cruelty of live animal export.

Animals International's investigations into the live animal export trade have revealed the animal suffering inherent in this ruthless, global industry.

A sheep looking towards from a her of many sheep on a ship

Live animal export is built on an acceptance of suffering – sending animals on risky journeys halfway around the world just to be killed for their meat when they arrive in destination countries.

Live export is not only cruel, it is also unnecessary.

Hundreds of millions of animals around the world are exported live for slaughter every year. They not only suffer on lengthy sea journeys but our investigations have revealed the terrible fate that can await them in destination countries.

Together, Animals International and Animals Australia have conducted dozens investigations throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. We’ve tracked the treatment of animals from Australia, South America and countries throughout Europe – providing evidence to and supporting colleague groups in their efforts to end the trade from their countries.

Our investigations have resulted in dozens of major media exposés in multiple countries, forcing an unprecedented level of political scrutiny and accountability on export companies.

Since our first investigations

Public and political campaigns.

Our evidence has underpinned public and political campaigns to end live export in France, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, Colombia, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, South Africa, Uruguay, Brazil, Romania, South Africa, Namibia and the Czech Republic.

Driving down numbers.

Over 5 million fewer sheep annually are being exported from Australia - for a long time, the world's largest exporter of sheep.

Investigation sparks action.

A ban on exporting sheep from Australia into the Northern summer was implemented after evidence revealed sheep ‘cooking alive’ inside live export ships - setting an important global precedent.

Political influence.

Australia's newly-elected Federal government (elected in 2022) has vowed to phase out the live export of sheep by air and sea.

Action in South Africa and Namibia.

We’ve helped colleagues in South Africa and Namibia mount legal challenges against the trade and collaborated with groups in 35 countries to assist their efforts to end live export.

European Parliamentary Inquiry.

We secured a critical European Parliamentary Inquiry which will help determine the future of the live trade from Europe.

Action in Australia and Romania.

We commissioned significant economic analysis in Australia and Romania (Europe’s biggest exporting nation) which confirm live export is not important to the economy, quashing industry arguments in support of the trade.

Global support.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fronted rallies around the world calling for live export to end.

Education and public awareness.

We’ve mounted numerous public awareness campaigns in Australia, Israel and Romania giving a face – and a voice – to the victims of live export.

Change in Romanian and Israeli legislation.

Multiple pieces of legislation have been drafted and introduced to the Romanian and Israeli parliaments to reduce or end live export.

This is a ruthless, global industry that treats living, feeling beings as nothing more than cargo.

Live export is simply another way for wealthy companies to transport ‘meat’ but the ‘vehicle’ is a living being who feels and suffers. The live export trade is not only cruel but it’s unnecessary as every country that imports live animals, also imports chilled and frozen meat.

Whether they are from Australia, South America or Europe, while any animal continues to be exposed to all the known risks of live export — and with most still enduring fully conscious slaughter in importing countries — Animals International’s efforts to end this trade will continue.