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He was exported, and left for dead

Urge Romania to end live export horror!

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Not even Dracula could have dreamed up the torments of live animal export...

Born in Romania, the only world he'd ever known was a land of deep forests, cool mountain air, and acres of green pasture to roam. But then he and his companions were bought by the merciless live export industry...

They were transported for hundreds of miles as though they were nothing more than sacks of flour. Hungry, thirsty, sleepless and trampled — the journey to the Middle East is gruelling.

Forced to endure long days and nights in crowded trucks and ships, over miles of winding road and rough seas. Many won't survive the trip. For those who do, a fate worse than death awaits.

They arrive into the scorching heat of the Middle Eastern summer. Many Romanian sheep struggle to breathe in the searing, oven-like temperatures, and suffer terribly from heat stress in their thick woollen coats.

Animals International investigators found sheep who were too weak or sick left by the side of the road, the dying among the dead, cast aside like bags of rubbish:

Those strong enough to be 'sacrificed' are bound and killed in make-shift slaughterhouses, streets and private homes. The dirt beneath their hooves turns to mud with spilled gore. Their necks are sawn open, dirty knives wiped clean on their own wool as their lifeblood bubbles in their throats.

Then, even before they draw their last breath, the next Romanian sheep in this brutal 'meat production line' is thrown down on top of the pile of bodies — head pulled back hard for the fatal cut. Their terrified eyes wide as the light fades from them.

This cruelty occurs for one reason: to make rich live export companies even richer.

But there is hope.

Since shocking cruelty on Australian live export ships was exposed in April, this awful trade has been stopped in its tracks — sparing hundreds of thousands of Australian sheep from the horrors of live export.

People from all around the world united to speak out for Australian animals. And now, we must unite again to save Romanian sheep from this cruel and greedy industry. 

TAKE ACTION: Urge Romania's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to end their country's export trade in live animals!

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