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Eggs aren't worth her suffering

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Hens in cages wake each day only to suffer. Help make Romania cage-free.

These hens never get a break: they have to live in crowded, barren cages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week1 in 6 hens live in chronic pain with an untreated, broken boneForced to live in a space the size of a single A4 piece of paper, hens in cages don’t even have enough room to spread their wingsThe extreme frustration and boredom of being constantly ‘cooped up’ can drive desperate hens to painfully peck each other – or even commit cannibalismMany caged hens won’t see the sun – until the day they’re trucked off to slaughterThe unnatural pressure of constant egg laying weakens many hens’ bones – which can lead to painful fractures and crippling osteoporosis

Every hen is an individual, each with her own unique personality. Just like us, some hens are shy, others are confident. Some live for adventures, while others just like to hang out with their friends.

But no matter what their differences, all hens have one thing in common: they suffer immensely in cages.

Trapped in cramped, factory farm cages, there isn't even enough room for hens to spread their wings – let alone engage in normal and natural behaviours like dustbathing, foraging, or building a nest in peace and privacy.

Cages deny hens the chance to experience everything that makes life worth living.

In fact, the constant noise, stench and complete lack of stimulation or exercise inside the cages can make hens so stressed and miserable that they'll resort to pecking each other and pulling out their feathers. Sometimes this frustration leads to extremely aggressive behaviour — and the desperate hens will peck each other to death.

There is no need to subject hens to this terrible treatment. Over 40% of Romania's egg producers already don't confine hens to cruel battery cages. The more people who demand a better life for hens, the stronger the message we will send to the egg industry that they must abolish the cruel and outdated cage system.

With your help, we can make all of Romania cage-free!


We are calling on all companies in Romania to stop using eggs from hens trapped in cages. Sign our petition and make your voice heard!

This footage was documented by Animals International and Open Cages from farms located in Romania and Poland that supply eggs for the Romanian market.

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