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Baby animal trade fuels horrific cruelty

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WORLD-FIRST investigation: torn away from grieving mothers, scores of babies are being forced onto crowded death ships bound for the Middle East.

Romania is the biggest exporter of animals in Europe, and the biggest exporter of baby animals in the world.

Animals International (the global arm of Animals Australia) has exposed the horror awaiting these young animals including unwanted dairy calves. One by one they are sold into the global live export trade — an industry whose sole focus is increasing profits and meat consumption around the world.

After being 'fattened up' in feedlots, animals are trucked to countries where shocking footage reveals them being beaten, tormented, their tails twisted and broken, and their throats sliced open before being left to suffer slow and painful deaths.

Romanian sheep sold to the Middle East don't fare much better. In Jordan, investigators found sheep from Romania being brutally killed in the street during the Festival of Sacrifice while other frightened animals were crammed into car boots only to face agonising slaughter in back yards.

A Romanian sheep, the face of live export.

Ending live export from Romania will be a critical step towards ending live export cruelty globally.

Whether from Australia or Romania, these death ships that transport frightened and confused animals around the world just to be killed, serve one purpose only — to make rich companies richer. But it's innocent animals paying the price.

TAKE ACTION: Sign this petition calling on Romania's Prime Minister to stop the death ships and end Romania's cruel trade in live animals.

Helpless calves are taken from their mothers at just months old.Young animals stand for hours or even days on crowded trucks.Conditions on live export ships are miserable and dangerous for animals.Romanian calves are kept in barren Israeli feedlots until slaughter.In 'slaughter boxes' animals are killed while fully conscious.Bulls often have their tails painfully twisted and broken to move them.Animals killed in the street suffer prolonged and frightening deaths.In Jordan, Romanian sheep were being brutally killed in the street.Sheep are fully conscious as their throats are painfully cut.In 2015, thousands of Romanian sheep starved to death on board a ship.


7 March 2017

In a momentous announcement, Israel has declared a freeze on all live animal imports from Romania.

Israel's halt on buying live animals from Romania is the strongest signal yet that Israeli authorities are recognising the wrongs of this industry. And, in response to Israel's decision, Romanian authorities are also openly discussing trade options that don't involve exporting live animals.

We're still lobbying to end live animal exports from Romania to all countries. But, for now, there are 170,000 gentle calves and sheep in Romania who will be spared this treacherous journey and cruellest of fates.

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