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Urge Germany to spare animals from the horror of live export

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Torn from his mother just weeks after birth, he was sold to the live export trade — beginning an arduous journey that ended horrifically in Lebanon.


This young calf was born on one of the vast green fields of Northern Germany. From such an idyllic beginning — his short life would be filled with fear and suffering.

As a male 'dairy' calf, he was seen as nothing more than a greedy waste of his mother's milk. So, he was taken from her, and loaded onto a truck with other 'useless' male calves, to be transported to a collection point in Belgium.

By law, he and his young companions should have been granted 48 hours rest, to be fed and cared for — however, the reality is that time and industry pressures most often result in no time being 'wasted' looking after the wellbeing of baby animals who have little financial value.

So instead of receiving the care he needed, this bewildered and starving calf was illegally transported to Spain the very next day. There, investigators lost his trail — only to pick it up again in horrific circumstances months later, as he struggled for his life on the bloodstained floor of a slaughterhouse in the Middle East.

He was barely eight months old when our investigators found him in Lebanon — he had been 'fattened up' and exported again before reaching his final destination. A slaughterhouse is a terrifying place for any animal, but his ordeal was particularly brutal. Like most animals exported live from Europe, he suffered through the fear and pain of having his throat cut while fully conscious.  

This is the reality of the global live export trade — an industry that sends animals halfway around the world just to be killed for their 'meat'.

Germany's involvement in this callous trade is to supply it with arguably the most vulnerable of animals... babies.

These calves are the 'invisible' victims of Germany's dairy industry »

If the calves leave Germany, their trail will run cold. Countless numbers of them end up outside the EU, exported to countries where no animal welfare laws protect them.

And it's not just calves. Despite investigations repeatedly exposing the brutal and fully-conscious slaughter of 'breeding' animals who are shipped to North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, Germany persists in exporting thousands of animals directly to these countries every year, inflicting horrific animal suffering year after year.

We must unite to end the suffering of all animals forced into live export.

So, together with the Animal Welfare Foundation, we now call on the German Federal Government to take a compassionate stand against extreme cruelty, and support an EU-wide ban on the export of live animals.

Germany will hold the EU Presidency in July 2020 — there has never been a more powerful time for them to lead the way to a kinder future, free from live export.

TAKE ACTION: In the name of this young bull, please urge the German Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, to end the cruel export of live animals.

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